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We Provide Customized Music Selections


DJs AND MCs customizes the music and personality of every event to meet our client’s needs.  Whatever genre(s) your party requires…we provide it all!  Simply tell us what specific songs you wish to hear and if we don’t already have them in our collection…we’ll make every effort to obtain them at no extra cost!

Every DJ stores their music collection on external hard drive, in order to offer our clients a larger variety of genres and selections. If it’s a HIT…we most likely already have it.

In addition, every DJ laptop is armed with the technology of the “SCRATCH LIVE” vinyl emulation software application.  This program allows us to manipulate, mix, scratch, and playback digital audio files, using special time-coded vinyl RECORDS or CONTROLLERS.  Since it’s creation, DJs AND MCs has utilized this breakthrough technology, which has become the professional standard throughout the industry.

When you select us to perform at an event, a lot of time, thought, and creativity goes into creating your custom playlist and the best way to deliver it to your crowd. Guests are always encouraged to make requests as well, but the actual work we put into each show starts long before the day of the event.

Finding the right blend of songs, in order to create the perfect vibe is what we do.  

Furthermore…if you’re planning a RETRO event, we can even bring REAL VINYL (at an additional cost), because we still have our records!

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